I.Translation Consultancy:
The company signs perennial translation consultancy contract with enterprises and appoints professional translation team to provide perennial translation services for enterprises, enhancing the continuity of enterprise business and protecting enterprise business secrets from illegal violation. Its professional translation service can save finance budget for enterprises to a large extent.


II.Oriented Translation Service:
The company signs oriented translation service contract with enterprises and regularly provides translated versions of the latest professional information abroad for enterprises, so that the enterprises can timely and accurately know about the latest trend of related industries and master the latest technical achievements around the globe.


III.Text Translation:
①High-level, multi-language and multi-major data translation
②Comprehensive service including the translation, design and printing of various publications
③Translation of notarization files such as data for going abroad and personal letters


IV.Special Translation:
①Translation of webpage and website
②Localization of software of various languages
③Translation and Chinesization of computer software


V.Oral Interpretation:
①Ordinary interpretation
②Interactive interpretation
③Simultaneous interpretation


VI. Acoustic Image Translation: translation and dubbing of acoustic image data

VII. Translation of Invitation for Bid and Bidding Documents

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