1.Project analysis:
The translation department of the company makes preliminary analysis on contents of the text, determines the domain and performs industry subdivision;


2.Establish project group:
The company sets up corresponding project group consisting of a number of professional translators according to business demands and appoints a number of rich-experienced project managers;


3.Hold project meeting:
The company decides the translation terms, translation style, form and type setting, formulates guideline, arranges training, etc.


4.Formal translation:
Professional translators begin to translate. To ensure high-quality translation, members in the project group should communicate with each other frequently in the translation process and the project managers are responsible for the whole translation process;


Professional senior translator or expert proofreads, checks technical terms, mistakes and omission, term consistency, upgraded terms, etc.


6.Quality track:
The company will deliver the translation manuscript to the customer in time after the project is completed and performs quality track on it.


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