1. The company promises that all translated manuscripts are translated by rich-experienced professional translators. It accurately and meticulously handles various manuscripts to provide the most concise, accurate and professional translation service for customers.


2. The company organizes communication with translation experts in various industries and fields to timely know about the latest trend of various fields.


3. The company constantly gives retraining on internal and external translators, stresses the institutionalization and standardization of quality control, and formulates translation regulations to help translators and proofreading personnel implement self quality control.


4.The company formulates detailed rules and regulations of translation, unifies professional terms and sets standard format.


5.The company promises that all professional terms of all manuscripts are unified and accurate;


6.The company realizes the professionalization of overall language style, knows well and grasps tiny differences between words and the latest change; the business department, translation department and the proofreading department of the company make unified coordination, strictly abide by the translation process; the quality control group strictly controls the translation quality to provide the best translation service for customers.

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