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  Beijing Dongfangyindi Translation Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive translation service enterprise. Since its inception, the company has been devoted to providing the most accurate, concise and vivid translation. The company boasts its experienced management team and professional translation team composed of more than one thousand professors from famous universities in China, linguists and senior translators in various fields.

The company also has a national first-class consultant team of more than forty experts from famous universities in China. Moreover, the company has more than 2,000 full-time and part-time translators and more than 20 reviewers; 80% of our translators have master degree or above and 90% of our reviewers have a senior title.


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公司地址:北京市 丰台区赵公口甲13号远中悦麒商务会馆16A09室 客服电话:010-67217239 010-67259747 传真:010-67217239
北京东 方银地翻译有限公司

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